Our Lady of Mercy School 

brand identity

Parish Logo: Originally, Our Lady of Mercy contacted Design Q Studio to create a logo for a small event. Using the architectural details of the parish’s bell tower and domed chapel, Design Q created a unique logo with the landmarks of the church that parishioners immediately recognized.  The parish loved the logo so much that they turned it into the symbol of the whole church and not just for the one event.

School Logo/Brand Identity: Our Lady of Mercy wanted to update their outdated school logo to one that reflected its close connection to the parish and its recognition as a first class, National Blue Ribbon school. Design Q combined elements of the parish logo along with the shield from the “Sisters of Mercy” (who founded the school) to create an elegant, academic brand identity for the school.

School “spirit wear” Logo: The school used to have 5 different clip art logos for their mascot and athletic uniforms. Design Q designed a lion that focused more on the mascot’s majesty than ferociousness. 

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