Divine Worship Altar Card set (unframed)

Divine Worship Altar Card set (unframed)

from 150.00

Altar cards printed for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.

Price: Printed set: $150. Printed set with details hand-painted in gold gouache: $225. Printed set with details hand-applied with 23k gold: $300. Please note that these prices are for the cards only, and do not include frames.

Each set comes with a legend that explains all of the imagery and their Scripture reference, and a wonderful in-depth article about these cards may be found on the New Liturgical Movement website.

Dimensions: The central card measures 16" wide x 12" high, the two side cards measure 8" wide by 12" high.

Shipping: Shipping prices are high, especially internationally. I've reduced the cost in half, but should you still wish for lower costs or prefer to pick them up directly from me, please contact me for alternative pricing ideas.

Contact: For other commissions pertaining to prayer cards, icons, or graphic design, please contact katherine@designqstudio.com.

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